Our professor was absolutely amazing. I can't begin to explain how benificial the class was and how knowledgable Melvin was regarding this gear. I am planning on sending our other techs to this class so long as he teaches it! Can't wait for the UEWA class tomorrow.

Scott Simon

Joshua is a great instructor. He went beyond the course material to provide an individual experience beyond what you normally would expect in a 3 day class. He made the course a fun learning experience.

Joseph Novak - LR Communications

Excellent job, Melvin went way in depth with the material giving examples and made sure the material was sinking in. Joshua Gray also was intelligent and provided great insight on utilizing the ubiquity equipment. I honestly feel if these two men were not my instructors i would have struggled. They really are in the right place helping understand hard concepts to grasp.

Jonathan Hatch

Excellent instruction. Despite my limited knowledge of networking the information was presented in an easy to understand way.

Grant Reeves

Going between each lab and book, both where informative and has brought up some more knowledge that I was looking to get out the class.

Edward Stewart- Tricomservices, Inc.

It was a wonderful experience. Kevin is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and very personable. He did a great job presenting the information and answering all of my questions.

Overall a very worthwhile class if you are working with UBNT equipment.

Delmas Smith - ZipSpider

Josh was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was very concerned that each student left the course getting all of their questions and concerns answered. Our company now has the information needed to effectively utilize RouterOS and MikroTik products. Thanks Baltic for Josh and the delicious lunches.

Matt Wojtowicz - ZipTech Pro

Great class, teacher was great at every question thrown at him. Professional and clear all day both days. Overall I will be looking for more training from Baltic.

Nathan Hixson - Joink, LLC

I have been working with UBNT products for several years but never been ‘officially’ trained. For me, this course was helpful in understanding why to use many of the settings at the CPE, backhaul, and AP level.

Brian Waterson - LR Communications

Very knowledgeable, answered all the questions I had very well ... Josh clearly explained what we should expect and perfectly prepared us for the exam.

Nathan Ingalls

Jose Carrillo



Jose brings 10+ years of experience int he ISP industry virtually holding every position from Field Tech to Director of Network Operations. This has lead to him gaining a great understanding of not only the hardware, but also an understanding of the practical application of the product to real world situations. This knowledge is brought into the classroom, where he not only can teach of products, but also help with an understanding of how it applies to your situation.

Melvin Gallardo



Melvin brings over 25 years of IT experience in the fields of wireless telecommunications, webmaster administration, programming, and RF amplifiers manufacturing in a variety of industries, including oil and gas. Melvin is bilingual with English and Spanish and has uniformly used both languages during his professional teaching career which spans over 8 years. Melvin’s real-world field work, combined with classroom labs, and Baltic Networks’”warehouse lab” provide a strong foundation for providing world-class professional product training.