How To: Reset or Change the Default MikroTik Password

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One of the most basic questions I receive before people have had any MikroTik training is:

“What is the MikroTik default password?”

On a MikroTik the first time you log in and every time you login the default MikroTik password is blank (you do not put anything into the password field).

The default MikroTik username is: admin

Default MikroTik Password In Winbox

Once you have logged in you can go to System > Password

Default MikroTik Password

Here you are able to set the MikroTik password. To do this leave the “Old Password” blank and enter your new password twice. It is important to keep in mind that if you do not change the blank MikroTik default password, anyone can login to your router and change the settings within it.

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