Metrolinq Certified Admin

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1. IgniteNet Introduction

About IgniteNet
IgniteNet Ecosystem
Cloud Introduction
Cloud Account Lab

2. MetroLinq and Meshlinq Introduction

Platform Overview
Key Features and Advantages
Product Line Overview
Next Generation Networking

3. RF Theory and Link Design

Electromagnetic Waves (supplemental section)
Electromagnetic Spectrum (supplemental section)
Channels and Modulation (supplemental section)
Regulations and Compliance
Free-Space Path Loss and Decibels
60 GHz Oxygen Absorption and Rain Fade
Antenna Principles
Multipath and Fresnel Zones
Link Budgets and LinqPath
Link Design Summary and Examples

4. Operation and Deployment

Deployment Planning and Best Practices
Basic Setup and FW upgrades
IP address and FW upgrade labs
60 GHz Configuration
5 GHz Configuration
Installation and Alignment
Link Tuning and Testing
60 GHz Configuration and Aiming Mode Lab
5 GHz configuration Lab
Speed Test Lab

5. Cloud deep-dive (supplemental chapter)

Cloud Structure
Cloud Administration
Add-on features
Cloud Labs

6. Summary, Review and Certification test