MikroTik RouterOS version 6.33.5

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MikroTik released a new version of it’s RouterOS at the end of 2015. In this release, we got some great updates! Some highlights include being able to see partial ARP entries and netwatch is now much more precise with ping time outs. In inbox, we are also going to get per-interface counters for fast-path. This feature alone will help in seeing how fast path is working and diagnosing issues with it if they arise.

Here’s a complete list of what’s new in RouterOS v6.33.5:

arp – You are now able to show incomplete ARP entries
btest – Improved the UDP TX rate precision, and also fixed the potential crash after btest release
crypto – Fixed the kernal failure in talitos hardware encryption
dhcpv6-client – Fixed the DNS address assignment, now sets the correct parameters when a rapid commit is used
e-mail – Doesn’t reset the server address after changing the configuration
fastpath – Fixed the possible kernal failure on multi-core systems
fetch – Added a 30 second time out
hotspot – Added the missing favicon.ico to the hotspot html pages
kernal – Improved the core process scheduling
led – Added WLAN led to the RB951Ui
log – Logs up/down events only when they actually change states
lte – Improved support for the Sierra Wireless 320u, and sped up the first connection to an LTE network on SXT’s using LTE
net – Slave config gets applied when the master config has been changed, and the L2MTU is now not shown in the VLAN compact export
netwatch – Ping time-out made more precise
ppp – Made PPP active and both the print radius & !radius conditions work
romon – No longer accepts multi-cast id, and won’t crash RoMON when fast-path is active
smb – Shows the correct interface name inside the SMB dubug logs
ssh – Fixed session clean-up
sshd – Resolved the shared secret mismatch issue
tile – Fixed the kernal failure on hardware acceleration
webfig – Fixed the issue of zero values not showing in CRS ingress/egress VLAN translation rules
winbox – Added “=” and “-” to IGMP proxy MFC, added an LCD menu for the RB3011, now allows you to specify the traffic monitor threshold in k and M units and to specify they’re bits, now shows the fast-path per interface counters

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