MikroTik Certified Networking Associate

MikroTik Certified Network Associate

The MTCNA course is designed as an introductory course to the MikroTik RouterOS software. The course starts with the basics of using MikroTik and works its way through basic routing, switching, bridging, wireless, network management, firewalls, quality of service, and tunnels. The class is taught in a lab environment with a lab completed after each module is covered to reinforce the concepts covered. By the end of the course, you will be familiar with RouterOS and be able to provide basic services to customers.

MikroTik Certified Networking Associate

Good For

Anyone who wishes to learn how to use RouterOS. The course covers the basics: NAT, firewalls, DHCP, simple queues, and basic wireless networking.


An understanding of IPv4 Subnetting and TCP/IP.

Course Outline


  • Basic of accessing the device for the first time.
  • Using the command line interface, initial connectivity configuration, updating RouterOS, license management, as well as using Netinstall.


  • Basic routing concepts as well as static routing including how to set the default route.


  • Bridges and the concepts behind them.


  • How to setup a wireless link, the different wireless modes, and NV2 configuration.
  • Tools available when setting up a wireless network.

Network Management

  • Network management
  • ARP modes
  • DHCP server setup and different RouterOS tools (BT test, BT server, ping, traceroute)
  • How to generate a supout.rif


  • Firewall
  • Basic chain principals
  • Filter actions
  • Network Address Translation


  • QoS queues
  • Simple Queues
  • Monitoring


  • Tunnels
  • IP pools
  • Securing your local network

At the end of the course there will be time for review and questions before the test is administered.