MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer

The training session is organized to prepare you for static routing, PtP addressing, VPN and OSPF protocols and how they work.

Good For

Anyone who wishes to expand their understanding of IP networks. This course will cover static routing, point to point addressing, VPN and OSPF protocols and how they work.


  • Knowledge of TCP/IP
  • Completed MTCNA course

Course Outline

Static Routing

  • More Specific Routes
  • ECMP + LAB
  • How to force gateway over specific interface
  • Gateway reachability check and route distance + LAB
  • Routing mark and route policy + LAB
  • Recursive next-hop and scope/target-scope usage + LAB

Point to Point Addressing

  • PtP address configuration + LAB


  • What is VPN?
  • Different types of VPN
  • Site to site connectivity with tunnels (IPIP, EoIP, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP) + LAB
  • Vlan and it’s usage
  • QinQ implementation + LAB
  • Vlan and managed switch
  • Vlan and switch chip configuration on Rbs + LAB


  • What is OSPF?
  • How OSPF protocol works (Hello protocol, Database distribution and LSA types explained)
  • OSPF network structure (Areas, Router types)
  • OSPF neighbors and neighbor states (DR and BDR election) + LAB
  • External Route Distribution methods (type1, type2) + LAB
  • Interface cost and interface types (broadcast, NBMA, etc.) + LAB
  • STP tree calculation algorithm
  • OSPF and multicast (problems with NBMA)
  • Stub, NSSA and area ranges (route aggregation) + LAB
  • Virtual links, usage and limitations + LAB
  • OSPF routing filters and limitations + LAB

At the end of the course there will be time for review and questions before the test is administered.