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Mimosa Training

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Mimosa’s training courses are designed and delivered to provide Mimosa’s customers and partners with high-level understanding and practical experience with installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Mimosa’s products.

Course objectives:

• To provide understanding of Mimosa’s technology and its PTP and PTMP networking solutions.
• To provide knowledge in installation, setup and operation of Mimosa’s wireless solutions.

Mimosa lead 2-day training on radio frequencies and their point-to-point and point-to-multi-point solutions.


What to bring with you:
A laptop with an Ethernet port


Who is this good for?
Anyone with Mimosa or interested in having mimosa in their network, or needing a refresher on their RF theory.

Lunch included!


Day One

RF 101
• Frequency
• Antennas
• Fresnel Zones
• Link Budgets

PtP Overview
• High Reliability Backhaul
• Cost Effective Backhaul
• First Time Setup
• PtP Installation Best Practices
• Backhaul Config Lab
• Network Planning using Design Tool

Day Two

PtMP Overview
• Access Point Overview
• Client Overview
• Mimosa Install App
• AP/Client Config Lab
• PtMP Installation Best Practices
• Grounding Considerations
• Troubleshooting
• RF Link Optimization
• Preventative Maintenance
• Cloud Management