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Ubiquiti airFiber AF-24 Case Study

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Ubiquiti airFiber AF-24

Case Study: Car Dealership

Car dealerships, or any business with multiple locations in close proximity, need to keep everyone connected, privately and securely. Customer names and addresses, social security numbers and credit scores are all sensitive data that needs to stay secure. That need can be expensive one, with most businesses having to rely on expensive Ethernet Private Lines (EPL) to connect secure locations.

As was the case with a client who came to Baltic Networks from the auto sales industry, who was connecting two locations with a $2,000/month 500MB EPL. Not only was the Ethernet link expensive, it also did not provide 100% uptime. Going down for unexpected maintenance halted critical nightly backups which could have put the company at risk.


Replace an existing 500MB Ethernet Private Line with a wireless link in a noisy 5GHz RF environment.

“With airFiber our monthly costs have gone down and allowed us more money to invest in new technologies to increase our businesses’ profitability.”

Brandon P. RobinsonCTO

Ubiquiti’s airFiber Solution

To provide the bandwidth between the auto dealers locations (approximately half a mile apart) Baltic Networks chose Ubiquiti Networks airFiber 24 high-performance wireless backhaul radios. During the initial site survey, it was determined that the 24GHz frequency would be the best option, due to the congestion in 5GHz band. Ubiquiti airFiber provides an excellent price to performance value and operates in the worldwide, license-free, 24GHz frequency for fast, worry-free deployment. Future network expansion plans include a 5GHz link between two Ubiquiti NanoBeam 5AC radios.


The point to point link was installed on the roof of both locations to ensure perfect line of sight. The radios locations dictated the use of a non-penetrating roof mount placed atop a roof mount mat to protect the roof at both ends.

Ubiquiti ToughCable and Tough Cable Connectors were used to connect the airFiber radios to Layer 3 switches to protect against ESD attacks and Ethernet hardware damage. Furthermore, a fiber to copper converter was implemented to isolate the roof equipment from the server rooms in case of a potential surge caused by lightning.

Products Used

Maxxwave MW-Non-Pen-Mat

Ubiquiti TC-PRO

Maxxwave MW-NON-PEN-2

Ubiquiti AF-24 US KIT

Solution at a glance

Ubiquiti airFiber AF-24


The customer was able to eliminate a recurring monthly expenditure and replace it with a faster, more reliable link, while maintaining privacy and security for a one-time investment in infrastructure and consulting.

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