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airMAX Training

Good For: Anyone who is interested in learning more about configuring point to point and point to multi-point networks in an outdoor environment.

The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Specialist (UBWS) is Ubiquiti’s one-day AirMAX training course designed for applied learning and entry-level certification. Be introduced to Ubiquiti’s powerful wireless products, learn how to make wireless links, and get hands-on practice in an instructor-led classroom.

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airMAX Training

Good For: Anyone new to TCP/IP networks and subnetting networks. The core concepts are covered in this class. The basics of OSPF and BGP are also covered.

The Ubiquiti Broadband Routing & Switching Specialist (UBRSS) course is designed for students to learn the core protocols and technologies used in today’s service provider networks. The course provides both the background of foundational knowledge networking and routing and hands-on lab experience with Ubiquiti Edgemax routers and switches. Couple that with the real-life implementation examples of our trainers and other class participants, and you have the best classroom experience you could bargain for!

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airMAX Training

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